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BHA Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring

Nov 13, 2019

DJ Zor is vice chair of the Arizona chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, a public lands hunter extraordinaire and Navy nuclear sub veteran, and Brad Powell of Trout Unlimited is a 32-year veteran of the U.S. Forest Service – former supervisor of the Tongass National Forest, the entire Northwest Region, the Davy Crockett National Forest in Kentucky, and so on … a pragmatic but firebrand conservation leader for five decades. Our conversation starts and ends with the Land and Water Conservation Fund and its critical role in safeguarding everything from urban ballfields to rural economies and public lands access, but hold on – they also talk Missouri (both DJ and Brad are native sons) Coues deer and javelina in the Superstitions, uranium mining, colonial economies and Arizona, the place where you can ski, hunt elk and antelope, shoot quail and go swimming in a creek, all on the same day.