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Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring

Nov 22, 2022

BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 145: Ethnobotanist Dr. Susan Leopold

Dr. Susan Leopold is an ethnobotanist who spent the early years of her career in the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon and Central America. An epiphany led her home, to Virginia and to the American heartland of the Ohio River, to study native plants, medicinal herbs and the natural and human history of this wild, diverse and beleaguered corner of our world. Leopold is the executive director of the United Plant Savers, a group dedicated to protecting imperiled native plants like ginseng and goldenseal – and to establishing new and sustainable economies where these and other plants can bolster rural economies and make peoples’ lives healthier and more prosperous. Come with us to meet and learn from a leader in herbalism, native plant restoration, forest farming, and, maybe, a new way of living in the heartland: one that draws its strength from the land itself.