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Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring

Mar 15, 2022

Jack Rudloe is one of the orneriest watermen on the Florida Gulf Coast, a time- and sun-honed fighter for clean water, intact forests and wetlands, and the myriad salt and freshwater life that depends upon it all. He is a world-renowned scientist and researcher, a commercial harvester of sea life, an unparalleled educator and the author of nine books and hundreds of articles. He and his wife Anne founded Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in the fishing town of Panacea in 1980. Hal and Jack talk about what it is like to have a inhabitant’s perspective on the saltwater that spans over 60 years, the connections between the blackwater swamps, rivers and ephemeral wetlands of the inlands to the health of the Gulf, alligators eating dogs, and what it costs a man and his wife and family and business to stand tall and speak out against the towering wall of powers that want to dismantle the Gulf Coast and the natural systems that make it one of the richest fisheries in the world.